Igor Jurić


Igor Jurić is the founder of the Tijana Juric Foundation and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He is the inspiration and initiator of the largest number of actions of the Center. He coordinates the Center’s activities, manages resources, motivates and leads the Center’s Team.

Email: igorjuric@cnzd.rs
LinkedIn: @igor-juric
Instagram: @igorjuric73
Twiter: @igor-juric
Facebook: @igor-juric


Nina Davidovic

Master of psychology

Nina Davidović is a master psychologist, coordinator of the service for work with vulnerable categories of children and project coordinator at the Center. She is a member of the CNZD Assembly and president of the Center’s Board of Directors. She attends education in the field of integrative psychodynamic psychotherapy.

Email: ninadavidovic@cnzd.rs


Jovana Škorić

Senior Child Protection Advisor

Jovana Škorić, PhD Political Science – Social Policy and Social Work.
She currently holds the position of assistant professor and heads the Department for Social Work, at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad. She has completed integrative psychodynamic psychotherapy education nad leads scientific research ativities at the Center. Her main areas of interest are community social work, juvenile delinquency, human rights and post-penal support.

Email: jovanaskoric@cnzd.rs
Linked In : jovana-skoric


Olgica Čekić

Senior Child Protection Advisor

Olgica Čekić is a graduate lawyer, with many years of experience in the field of children’s rights and child protection, with a special focus on protecting children from all forms of violence,
, sexual exploitation, suppression of missing children, child trafficking and alternative care of children.

Email: olgicacekic@cnzd.rs


Aida Mijović

Legal adviser

Aida Mijović is a law graduate. She has been with the Center and the Foundation since its inception, where she was engaged in providing general legal support to the work of the Center. She is a member of the Management Board of the Center.

Email: aidamijovic@cnzd.rs


Aleksandar Karov

Master of Law

Aleksandar Karov is a Master of Law, he is engaged in legal professional support for the Center’s activities at the Center.

Email: aleksandarkarov@cnzd.rs
LinkedIn: aleksandar-karov


Aleksandra Cvetković


Aleksandra Cvetković is a graduate special education teacher licensed to provide services in the field of social protection. In the Center, she performs tasks related to activities related to work with vulnerable categories of children.

Email: aleksandracvetkovic@cnzd.rs


Ružica Radović

Master of psychology

Ružica Radović is a master psychologist, RE&KBT therapist. At the Center, she is engaged in professional work related to the Center’s activities, which include a psychological aspect.

Email: ruzicaradovic@cnzd.rs
LinkedIn: @ruzica-radovic


Timea Kukla

Editor in chief at cnzd.rs

Timea Kukla writes educational articles and creates social media content for the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Additionally, she hosts the “Safe Story” podcast, dedicated to addressing critical issues concerning children’s safety, both online and offline.

Email: timekukla@cnzd.rs
LinkedIn: timea-kukla
Instagram: timea.kukla


Aleksandar Milosavljević


Eng. IT and CIO at a company in the medical industry, in charge of security, compliance and privacy measures. Consultant in the field of IT and management, with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, and in working with the infrastructure of cloud services.


Slobodan Negić

Coordinator of Net Patrol

Slobodan Negić graduated from the 13th Belgrade High School in Belgrade, as well as from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade in 2003 in the Department of Philosophy, with an average grade of 9.03. He was acting as a child. Musician and composer of applied music.

Email: slobodannegic@cnzd.rs


Miro Orović

A lawyer

Lawyer, member of the Belgrade Bar Association and the Serbian Bar Association.


Vladimir Paunović

Social worker

Graduated social worker – master’s degree, with a license to perform basic professional work in social protection.

Email: vladimirpaunovic@cznd.rs


Jelena Damjanović

Spoljni stručni saradnik

Master ekonomskih nauka, angažovana u Centru kao spoljni stručni saradnik iz oblasti marketinga.

Email: jelenadamjanovic@cnzd.rs


Maja Atanasković

A lawyer

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade in 1999, she undertook an internship at a law firm and successfully passed the bar exam in 2001, earning her inclusion in the AKB Lawyer Directory. Her involvement with professional bodies has been notable: she served as a member of the AKB Board of Directors from 2017 to 2021 and then transitioned to the AKS Board of Directors in 2021. Additionally, she assumed roles of significance within the legal education sphere, becoming a lecturer at the Bar Academy in 2018 and later appointed as a deputy member of the Bar Exam Commission in the same year. Her trajectory culminated in her appointment as the president of the Bar Exam Commission in 2021. –


Milica Kobilarov


Master pedagog i porodični psihoterapeut pod supervizijom. U Centru je angažovava na stručnim poslovima koji uključuju pedagoški aspekt.

Email: milicakobilarov@cnzd.rs

Council members


Aleksandar Jugović

A distinguished scholar, holding a Doctorate in Political Sciences, he holds the esteemed position of full professor at the University of Belgrade. He imparts his expertise not only at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation but also serves as a visiting professor at the Faculties of Political Sciences in both Belgrade and Banja Luka, focusing on studies in social policy and social work. His academic pursuits are characterized by an in-depth exploration of social deviations, with a particular emphasis on juvenile delinquency and violence, alongside an investigation into the mediology of antisocial behavior. Moreover, his contributions extend to the realm of social policy, where he conducts influential research in various related areas.


Slobodan Arsenijević

Special pedagogue and psychotherapist, educator, and former head of the Correctional Institution for Juveniles in Valjevo.


Nada Šarac

Nada Šarac is a experienced special pedagogue boasting extensive experience in social protection, particularly in the domain of assisting children and young individuals grappling with behavioral challenges. Notably, she has authored numerous accredited training programs tailored to enhance competencies essential for hands-on engagement with beneficiaries, as well as for the establishment of services catering to diverse demographics, with a specific focus on children, youth, and families.