Every day, each of us (especially parents) looks for the most effective way to improve our safety on the internet. As Google points out, preserving safety during Google searches means “helping users avoid encountering unexpected, shocking search results.”

For this reason, Google users have access to Safe Search mode, which offers the option to filter explicit results. Best of all, the “Safe Search” filter is automatically enabled for all Google accounts of individuals under 18 years of age.

Each new option is constantly tested and improved, especially when it comes to child safety. That’s why, in recent months, Google has expanded “Safe Search” to further protect people from accidentally encountering explicit photos in Google searches by introducing an additional option tasked with blurring explicit photos if they happen to appear in search results.

This new setting will be the default even for users who do not have the “Safe Search” filter enabled, but with the option to disable it at any time if they wish.

Search Safety

As Google experts say, whether it’s searching for facts related to homework or surfing for entertainment, they have done everything to protect children.

“We have made an extra effort on the services that Google offers around a range of tools to enable minors to safely explore information of interest to them without supervision,” they state.

“Even when users decide to turn off ‘Safe Search,’ our search result ranking systems still eliminate most unwanted explicit search results.”

It’s important to know that Google’s safety algorithms improve every day, with each new search, which are measured in billions.

Improvements Through Consultation

Google’s experts particularly emphasize that when improving the experience of their users, they also consult with experts outside their team.

“Google regularly consults with external experts, lawyers, and policy makers who specifically focus on child safety, including experts from the WeProtect Global Alliance. Insights from the child safety expert community have especially helped us to create and launch the new ‘Safe Search’ (Safe Search) option.”

Like all improvements Google makes, this new option has gone through rigorous testing by Google testers, namely search quality evaluation experts, to ensure a safe internet experience for users, especially the youngest.

Google Search and Parents

Google experts highlight that the large number of updates related to apps and the internet, which constantly arrive, can be confusing.

“We often hear that many parents are not aware of all the possibilities available to them. We understand that the multitude of different settings across numerous online platforms can be confusing. Here are just a few ways we’ve made the ‘Safe Search’ setting easier for all parents:

We launched the ‘Safer with Google’ campaign to raise awareness about settings related to enhancing safety.

To complement this campaign, we’ve also made it easier for people to learn about ‘Safe Search’ and parental control. When a user types a query into the search engine like ‘enable safe search,’ a ‘window’ with the current setting status and a link to learn more will appear.

Parents can now access ‘Safe Search’ settings on their children’s accounts directly from the search engine. How? By entering a relevant query like ‘google parental control’ or ‘family link,’ and a ‘window’ with all necessary information will appear,” Google states.

Next Steps?

The next goal is to monitor user satisfaction with the new “Safe Search” option. Also, the team from Google emphasizes that they will pay special attention to improving internet safety in collaboration with organizations focusing on child safety in the coming period.


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