Advocacy for the Implementation of the Amber Alert Missing Child Notification System

The Amber Alert mechanism entails the rapid and simultaneous dissemination of information through various communication channels (TV, radio, social media, LED billboards, GPS navigation, posters), aiming to inform the entire public promptly about a child’s disappearance, their appearance, and all pertinent details. Amber Alert transparently informs the public about the missing child, when and where they were last seen, what they were wearing, and whom to contact if the child is spotted or recognized. This mechanism is activated in cases of child abduction or when a child’s life is in danger. The Tijana Jurić Foundation has advocated for the implementation of the Amber Alert in Serbia since 2015. Despite numerous public appeals, discussions at round tables, conferences, and meetings with decision-makers, we have yet to receive any concrete response from the authorities. After all the steps taken so far to initiate the implementation of the Amber Alert in Serbia, as well as the experience gained from two successful advocacy campaigns, we believe that organizing a new advocacy campaign for the implementation of the Amber Alert in Serbia is the best way to achieve this strategic goal and take another significant step forward in improving child safety in Serbia.

The objectives of the project “Advocacy for the Implementation of the Amber Alert Missing Child Notification System” were defined as follows: improving the level of cooperation between the Foundation and public authorities regarding the effectiveness of missing child searches; enhancing the awareness of decision-makers about new mechanisms in missing child searches; and increasing public awareness of the Amber Alert notification system and enhancing their participation in decision-making processes related to improving child safety.

The project included various propaganda activities in the media, panel discussions, street actions, expert conferences, meetings with representatives of relevant ministries, as well as the production of promotional videos, flyers, and brochures.

The project was implemented from April 15, 2019, to October 15, 2019, with financial support from USAID within the framework of the BOŠ project “Active Citizens – Better Society”.

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