Safety and Wellbeing of Children and Young People

The project was the first major project implemented by the Tijana Jurić Foundation (now the Center for Missing and Exploited Children) with financial support from the European Union. The most significant results were seen in the strengthened interim capacities of the organization – 10 new collaborators/educators were trained in the areas of child protection and improvement of child and youth safety. Following the completion of the training, they conducted over 300 workshops for children and seminars for their parents and teachers throughout Serbia on topics related to safe internet usage over the two-year duration of the project. Additionally, professional forums, expert conferences, and other gatherings informed and educated the professional community, particularly educators and social workers, on issues related to child exploitation, abuse, and abduction. Through media conferences, street actions, and online campaigns on important dates (such as International Missing Children’s Day, Safer Internet Day, etc.), the broader public was informed and made aware of the issues surrounding missing and abused children. An important aspect of the project was also the public advocacy campaign for the introduction of life imprisonment into the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia. The project was implemented from November 15, 2017, to November 15, 2019, with financial support from the European Union (EIDHR).

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