Together Against Peer Violence

The project was conducted during 2021 and 2022 with the aim of contributing to greater child safety in Serbia by significantly involving all relevant stakeholders in the prevention and combating of peer violence at the level of individual local self-governments. During the project, several outcomes were achieved: Representatives from three local self-governments in Serbia (Subotica, Vlasotince, and Aranđelovac) were informed about good practices from other municipalities in the prevention and combating of peer violence in primary and secondary schools. Representatives of all identified stakeholders were engaged in dialogue regarding addressing the issue of peer violence in five selected municipalities in Serbia. Over 500 students from primary and secondary schools and 150 parents, teachers, professors, and other professionals in schools were educated about the problem of peer violence. Finally, public awareness about peer violence and mechanisms for overcoming it was raised, reaching up to 300,000 people through the campaign. The project resulted in the establishment of local coordination bodies for combating violence in primary and secondary schools in two locations: Subotica and Vlasotince. The project was implemented within the Belgrade Open School’s “Dialogue for Change” program with financial support from the European Union.


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